Welcome to the new Digital Provisioners

Some may recall that Digital Provisioners has been around for a while. We’ve done contract software development off and on for almost 20 years. However, as of January 3rd, 2020 I took the leap and started “working the plan” full-time.

The plan has been a long time in the making–far longer than I expected, to be honest–and consists of all the major units of work required to bootstrap a product development company.

We are still doing consulting, of course, but now we have a new thread: Creating products that meet the needs of small market slices better than anyone else. We know we can’t play the same game as Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe, Salesforce, etc., so we are inventing a new game altogether.

Our goal is not to have millions of customers, but rather thousands of fans. I’ll share our product road map soon, and we’d love your feedback. But maybe most importantly, what do you really need? If cost was no object, how could software technology help you?

You never know: Answering that question with us may be the start of a beautiful relationship. 🙂

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