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Our heads are in the clouds.

The Azure and AWS clouds, to be exact.

Founder Ross Lambert has been both a VP of Software Architecture at ICG and a Principal Architect at Blueprint Technologies. He’s consulted on a wide variety of engagements, but especially big data engineering–really, really big data. And more than a couple sophisticated bot projects, as well as a facial recognition proof-of-concept that actually enabled “face rec” on a web page.

Ross is the founder of Digital Provisioners, and we are the creators of Switchboard™, a cloud-based suite of productivity solutions for real estate agents and brokers. Our team has also won awards for its creations over the years, including a MacWorld Editor’s Choice back in the day.
We also did our part to save the world by co-developing a tool for Battelle’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory that assists with the disposal of weapons-grade radioactive waste. This tool was a runner-up for an Apple Enterprise Award.
Ross W. Lambert, Founder


Working with Ross Lambert was truly a privilege. For me personally, he exemplifies so many characteristics that I respect and appreciate. How to approach complex problems, how to communicate difficult solutions in ways that any given audience can understand, and how to be a team player no matter what opinions are at the table are just a few examples. Ross is a thought leader without being a thought bully, and he always keeps solutions that yield positive results as his end-goal. Ross is committed to doing the right thing, even if it is the difficult thing, and there is not an organization out there that would not be better for having him on their team. ​

Sy Reeves

Blueprint Technologies

Ross rocks. We worked together very closely at Who's Calling when Thinqtank was lead consultant on the new VoiceXML IVR system. Ross could work almost completely autonomously with minimal direction, synching in person only once every week or so. He can both rapid prototype from a caffeine-fueled half-baked architectural vision on a whiteboard when time is tight or produce detailed architectural specifications, project schedules and other documentation when it's time to formalize the SDLC. He can both lead or follow and doesn't bitch about either. If I ever found another company, Ross will be one of the first people I call.

Chris Steck

Who's Calling

Ross is an excellent software engineer. His work is thorough and meticulous - both in terms of design and implementation. He is self-managing with a strong sense of ownership, focused yet easy-going by nature and, therefore, a joy to manage. Ross has a natural curiosity to seek out new and improved solutions to technical problems, making him a real asset to any software development endeavor.

Pete Turner

Engineering Manager

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